Organs of the Federation

The General Conference

The General Conference shall be made up of the chancellors and presidents of Universities and similar higher education institutions, or their substitutes. The General Conference shall meet in a regular session once every three years, and may meet in a special session.

The Executive Council

The Executive Council shall be made up of fifteen members proposed by their universities and elected by the General Conference for three years, taking into consideration geographical distribution and the regular payment of their universities’ contributions at least for the last three years before their election.

The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat shall be made up of a Secretary General assisted by an administrative and technical setup in accordance with an organization chart proposed by the Secretary General and adopted by the Executive Council. The General Secretariat shall be headed by a Secretary General, whose election is endorsed by the General Conference for a three-year renewable term. The Director General of the Islamic Organization (ISESCO) shall assume ex-officio the tasks of the Secretary General of the Federation.
The Secretary General shall be the head of the administrative setup of the Federation and shall be accountable to the Executive Council and the General Conference.
He shall have direct authority over the entire staff of the General Secretariat.

The Secretary General

Dr Salim M. AlMalik