Islamic Virtual University

In the wake of the fast technological changes and the advent of modern communication technology, educational systems around the world have been trying to keep up with new opportunities regarding educational facilities. The developments in this respect have been quite impressive and praiseworthy.

Computer science and the internet have contributed to eliminating the physical distance hindering data dissemination and information exchange throughout the world. These developments have speeded the trend towards competing in influencing globalization. Universities, educational and research institutions as well as other educational structures are no exception and cannot remain unaffected by the impact of such technological development. In fact many of them are now expanding their activities throughout the world.

The production of many kinds of educational software, the existence of virtual universities, digital libraries and many other research, scientific and educational contents accessible via the World Wide Web all constitute the evidence for such gigantic move towards eliminating physical distance in the field of academic support.

The increase in the speed of communication along with the elimination of physical distance has also made it possible for students, university professors and researchers across the world to exchange views about educational and scientific matters. This has in turn led to developing technology and reaching solutions to many scientific problems.

Within this interaction, and taking into account the common cause of Islamic world universities as to their beliefs, culture and thought, along with the possibility of establishing close links with each other within the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World, and other similar regional or scientific entities, member universities can contribute to establishing a basis of cooperation in the exchange of information and the identification of opportunities, intellectuals and other educational facilities available in member states.

This project hinges on the idea of using current technological progress, especially advanced information technologies based on the internet and other networking facilities, with a view to expanding mutual educational and scientific cooperation among universities in the Islamic world, producing and teaching knowledge as well as expanding the scope of its dissemination.

Accordingly, Azad Islamic University (AIU), as a member of FUIW, has proposed the Project of Islamic Virtual University. FUIW has studied the Project and contributed to its content so as to make it compatible with the experience of the Union with a view to activating the mission of Islamic universities and confirming their contribution in the realm of the fast moving technological and knowledge developments.