Action Plans

General Policy: FUIW Project Implementation

  • FUIW Prize
  • Islamic Body for Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  • Islamic Virtual University
  • Complementarity of Academic Subjects of Member Universities
  • Islamic Universities Business Network
  • Leagues of Parallel Faculties
  • Strategic Planning Experts Network in Member Universities
  • Centre for University Education and Scientific Research Ethics
  • Authority for Programme Student and Faculty Exchange

Developing and Modernizing University Educational System

  • Developing Scientific Research at University Level
  • Quality, Accreditation, Renewal, Innovation, Planning and Evaluation
  • Integration of University Education and the Private Sector
  • University Education and Sustainable Development

Cooperation, Integration and Partnership among Member Universities

  • Exchanging Information, Programmes, Studies and Visits
  • Islamic Council for Supporting Persons with Special Needs at Universities
  • University Activity Week
  • University Chairs

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