Strategy for the Promotion of University Education in the Islamic World

As the third millennium opens, the world is witnessing many social and economic changes as well as scientific and technological developments. The result is that modern societies have become faced with considerable challenges and growing needs in terms of education. This leads us to an important question: how can we keep faith to our constants and maintain our civilizational and cultural identity, while keeping pace with the scientific and technological progress and restoring our civilizational leadership?
The “Strategy for the Promotion of University Education in the Islamic World“, published in this book, poses the question in a different manner: how can we protect our originality and modernity by means of our educational plans and curricula and without sliding into close-mindedness or fusion?
The strategic planning of university education is therefore a vital requirement and a necessity for achieving development, and thereby establishing a philosophy of reform and renewal that meets the civilizational choice of the Muslim Ummah, and realizes unity of its orientations within the respect of its specificities. And this is exactly what entails the renewal of the functions of university education in terms of teaching, research and training, and confirms the importance of working out a draft strategy for the development of the mission of university education, to ensure the quality of its outputs, modernise its administration, qualify its human resources, improve the level of researches, achieve integrity of systems and institutions, improve its curricula and programmes, evaluate its performance, diversity its models, modernize its funding resources, as a contribution by the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World to the promotion of the Islamic civilizational project which qualifies the Muslim Ummah to renew the civilizational edifice. Hence comes the pressing need to lay down a strategy to develop university education, in order to define …

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