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ISESCO Director General & FUIW Secretary General

Higher education plays an important role in addressing comprehensive sustainable development issues, facing the challenges lying ahead, and coming up with suitable solutions. It is also substantial to the advancement of society, meeting its spiritual and material needs, promoting its cultural, civilizational and human values, and boosting individual knowledge and creative abilities.

Being cognizant of the paramount importance higher education has in the development process, and the necessity for boosting the scientific abilities of our universities to better meet the Islamic countries’ need for suitably qualified human resources, the FUIW aims to help the Member Universities meet the challenges facing the Muslim Ummah at all levels. It also seeks to entrench science and technology in the Islamic countries, build science-based societies and boost the Member Universities’ competences in the fields of scientific research, knowledge integration, curricula development and quality culture dissemination.

This website provides information on the universities of the Islamic world by shedding light on their activities, abilities and aspirations. You can also, dear visitor, use this website to know more about the Federation, its organs, regulations, membership conditions, the projects that were drawn by the General Secretariat and adopted by the General Conference and the Executive Council, as well as the action plans, strategies, programmes, activities and publications.

Welcoming you once again and wishing you a useful tour of our website, we hope that you will visit us again in the future.

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FUIW’s Member Universities

The List

FUIW’s Projects

Islamic Body for Quality and Accreditation:

A project that sets a general framework for measuring the performance of Member Universities, developing plans to boost their performance, research and teaching capacities and expanding their role in the community.

Establishment of the Center for University Education and Scientific Research Ethics

Aims to anchor university and research conventions, assert the message of Islamic ethics in higher education and scientific research, combat cybercrimes and protect intellectual property.

Establishment of a network of developing academic cooperation and the labor market

Links higher education and scientific research institutions with those of the labor market

Establishment of the Network of Strategic Planning Experts in Member Universities

Seeks to provide knowledge support to the key higher education bodies in the Islamic world and strengthen links among Member Universities.

Project of Integrated Programme for Strengthening Exchange and Cooperation among Member Universities

Aims to facilitate mutual recognition of qualifications and certificates

Establishment of Leagues of Parallel Faculties

Promote cooperation among faculties, develop their programmes and standardize the general framework for their study plans.

Project of the Islamic Virtual University

Provides distance higher and continuous education in the Islamic world

FUIW’s Programmes

The FUIW Prize for University Research Papers

Promoting Islamic university research to serve the religious, cultural and civilizational issues of the Muslim Ummah

Strategic Planning in Member Universities

International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)

Guide to Quality and Accreditation for the Universities of the Islamic World

Aims to implement the measurement tool of the quality of the universities of the Islamic world.


ISESCO and the Federation launched the Programme of Academic Chairs in many Member Universities to advance Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Islamic world.

Annual Forum on Quality and Accreditation for the Universities of the Islamic World

The Federation follows up the implementation of this activity with the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)

FUIW Awards


Universities’ Duty as Part of Promoting Middle Stance and Tolerance and Countering the Extremism Phenomenon


Terrorism – Today’s Plague: Causes and Academic and Intellectual Solutions”


Economics of Higher Education and its Societal Impact


Sound Governance and University Education


Obstacles to Creation and Ways to Promote it in the Universities of the Islamic World


Scientific Research and Localization of Technology in the Islamic World

FUIW Academic Chairs

ISESCO and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) launched the Programme of University Chairs in various Member Universities of the Federation, pursuant to the FUIW/ISESCO action plans which provide for the establishment of specialized chairs to advance higher education and scientific research, as part of improving the quality of higher education to meet scientific standards and academic regulations.


The Federation’s Publications

Cooperation with parallel institutions

Our Partners

It is worth mentioning that the Federation’s efforts focused on developing bilateral cooperation in organizing conferences, symposia, forums, meetings and workshops in order to improve the performance of the Member Universities, dialogue among followers of religions, cultural interaction among peoples and alliance of civilizations, share information, and conduct, translate and publish studies, research and projects in fields of common interest.


Member Universities


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