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Call For Registration "Open Education Development Project in FUIW Member Universities"

The project “Development of Open Education in FUIW Member Universities” (“FUIW Open Education”) aims at contributing to the uptake of Open Education practices in the education sector across ICESCO Member States, starting from the assumption that educators are the cornerstone for the key cultural and practicebased changes to achieve true progress in Open Education.

In this project, Open Education is understood in the broader context of Open Science. In fact University teachers represent the biggest “resistance” to the Open Education revolution - mainly because they typically fear that their role might be undermined by open approaches and because they do not have a full understanding of the potential of Open Education - and at the same time are the ones that could contribute the most to the adoption of Open Education practices from a genuine bottomup and student-centered scope.

This project aims in its first section to support young teachers, researchers and academic staff through training programs in the design, production, use and dissemination of OER and the adoption of open science and educational practices in higher education within FUIW Member Universities.

It will be fully delivered online via an LMS Moodle platform including 5 training modules around Open Education, Open Educational Resources, Open Educational Practices, MOOC/SPOC, Open Science, Copyright and Open Licensing,etc.

To register, the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World invites you to fill out the application form and send your short bio description to :

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==>  The official launch of the training: March 15, 2022 

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