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Anton de Kom University

Anton de Kom University is the only university in Suriname. It is located in the capital, Paramaribo, and is named after Anton de Kom, an anti-colonial activist who was killed by the Nazis while in exile in the Netherlands. There are five research centers that carry out research research in their specific fields and also render services to the community. Here are the research centers: Suriname Agricultural Research Center (CELOS) Objective: to promote scientific education and agricultural research at the Faculty of Technological Sciences Institute of Applied Technology (INTEC) Objective: to carry out research projects in the field of technology Biomedical Research Institute Prof. dr. Paul Grippe (MWI) Objective: to promote scientific education and research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences Institute of Development Planning and Management (IDPM) Objective: to support the development policy of the Surinamese government Social Science Research Institute (IMWO) Purpose: to perform social scientific research and rendering service.

Vice-Chancellor :
H.E. Dr Randy Van Zichtem

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