ISESCO Director General receives Vice-Chancellor of the International University of Africa and Ambassador ofthe Sudan to Rabat

The Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Dr.Salim Mohammed AlMalik, today in his office, received Dr.Kamal Mohamed Obaid, Vice-Chancellor of the International University of Africa (IUA), who was accompanied by Mr. KhaleedFathArrahman, Ambassador of the Republic of the Sudan to the Kingdom of Morocco. During this meeting, the two partiesexplored a number of issues of common interest within ISESCO’sareas of competence,under its Three-Year Action Plan for 2019-2021, and reviewed the programmes and activities of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).

Earlier this week, Dr.Obaid took part at the meeting on “Tafahum Programme for Exchange of Students, Teachers and Stuff among Universities in Member States”, held by ISESCO at its headquarters in Rabat on 10-11 July 2019.

It is noteworthy that ISESCO and IUA signed a cooperation agreement in 1993 as part of which many projects, programmes and activities were implemented for the benefit of Member States in the African region, particularly on the development of higher education and scientific research in the African universities, allocation of scholarships to African students, benefiting from the graduates of IUA from African Muslim countries, promotion of the culture of peace and cultural diversity among youth, activation of the role of civil society in the social dialogue, training media professionals on health education, development of cultural programmes for children and women, and translation and publication of books on Islamic culture.

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