At the opening of the 22nd FUIW Executive Council held at ISESCO headquarters: Dr Altwaijri states that the FUIW is in equal ranks with parallel international federations

The Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Secretary General of the FUIW, Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, gave an address at the opening of the 22nd Executive Council of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), which kicked off today morning, at ISESCO headquarters in Rabat.

At the outset, the Secretary General underscored that the Federation scored major achievements both in terms of quality and quantity. “The number of Member Universities rose up to 322 and affiliated bodies and projects were created, including the Centre for Higher Education and Scientific Research Ethics; the “Tafahum” Programme for Student, Researcher and Teacher Exchange; project of academic chairs; Draft Statutes of the League of Parallel Faculties; the Islamic Body for Quality and Accreditation; the Draft University Performance Measurement Mechanism for Islamic World Universities; Network for Academic Cooperation and Labor Market Development; and Strategic Planning Expert Network in Member Universities”, Dr Altwaijri further explained.

ISESCO Director General also stated that by activating the work of these bodies and implementing these projects, in close cooperation between the FUIW and Member Universities, the Federation accomplished most of the contents of the Three-Year Action Plan approved by the 7th General Conference, held in Rabat in 2017, and which will consolidate the Draft Action Plan and Budget for 2019-2021 submitted to this session for examination prior to adoption, and recommendation for approval by the 8th General Conference. “This proves that the Federation is moving in the right direction and has become one of the active institutions of joint Islamic action in the field of higher education and scientific research”, the Secretary General added.

Moreover, Dr Altwaijri maintained that the Draft Action Plan and Budget for 2019-2021 mirrors the Federation’s tremendous progress and places it in equal ranks with parallel institutions and federations all over the world. He further stated that this is an achievement which the Islamic world has scored at the international level thanks to Allah Almighty and to the joined efforts contributed by everyone from his position at this critical moment in the world’s history, amid exacerbating political and socioeconomic challenges undermining the efforts to achieve the comprehensive sustainable development likely to advance human societies, achieve proper standards of decent living for human beings and bolster global peace and security.

As for the items placed on the Council’s agenda, the Secretary General stated that the Council will discuss three projects and four reports on the Project of Islamic Virtual University; the Implementation of the Performance Measurement Mechanisms in Member Universities; the Center for Higher Education and Scientific Research Ethics; and Tafahum Programme for Student, Researcher and Teacher Exchange”, adding that the decisions and recommendations of this session will serve as a prelude to the 8th FUIW General Conference, to be held at the Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, in Riyadh, in February 2019.

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