FUIW Prize on the theme: “Obstacles to Creation and Ways to Promote it in the Universities of the Islamic World”

The winners of the FUIW Award for University Research were announced in 2011 on the theme “Obstacles to creativity and ways to promote it in the universities of the Islamic world” at the opening ceremony of the seventeenth session of the Executive Council of the Federation, held at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia on 26 and 27 May 2012, respectively:
The winner of the first prize: Dr. Yousef Saad Yousef Al-Hayek from the United Arab Emirates University – Al Ain, for his research contributions of more than 200 research and books, and obtaining eighty-eight patents in the field of mechanical engineering.
The winner of the second prize: Dr. Fatima Mahmoud Al-Zayat from Mansoura University, Damietta branch, from the Arab Republic of Egypt for her book “Creative Psychology” (2009) and “Talent and Excellence” (2011).

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